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About Us

In today’s world everyone is becoming very much conscious about their health and they want to be healthy and fit.We eat to live & not live to eat.The functions of various elements of foods are spelt unambiguously.It is not enough to select right food but the manner of cooking,quantity of their intake also need attention.  So, it’s time to get ready for a healthy treat! Come, join us today and explore yourself, share your thoughts, update your knowledge about food and other important topics and experience the aroma of recipes, know some eye-opening facts and interesting tips in a very nutritive way with Dietician Preeti.



  • Specialized in Nutrition and Dietetics from GNDU Amritsar.
  • Having total 8+years of experience in the field of Foods & Nutrition.
  • Worked for hospitals like Kidney & Lifeline hospital,Jalandhar,Inscol Hospital,chandigarh.
  • Has been in active clinical practice since 2008.
  • Able to successfully treat lifestyle problems like Obesity, Digestive Disorders, High Cholesterol, Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Menopausal Complaints, Chronic Fatigue, Low Immunity etc with the help of Advanced Nutritional knowledge, Counseling and Exercise


Awards & Achievements:

  • Awarded for giving a presentation on “Health & Nutrition” at DMCH Ludhiana.
  • Regular writer of Health column of various newspapers like Danik Bhaskar,Punjab Kesari etc
  • Appreciated for presentation on Health & Nutrition in various schools to school Teachers.
  • Active on Facebook and has an ever growing fan base.



(  About this association : In 1962, a group of like-minded nutritionists, dietitians and workers in the allied health fields resolved to form a scientific body to highlight the importance of dietetics and nutrition in the maintenance of health, and in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Thus, the Indian Dietetic Association was founded, with Prof. Kalyan Bagchi as Secretary and Dr. C. Gopalan as President. The association was affiliated to the International congress of Dietetics in 1975.)





 Dt PREETI CHANANAl is Highly reputed dietitian and  is successfully running her private practice since 2011 ,More than 1200 people are associated and benefitted from Dt. PREETI CHANANAl


Face to face consultation is available for Clientele from TRICITY CHANDIGARH

Services are also rendered to people from all over INDIA & Abroad Via tele counselling or face to face as per requirement.
For Appointments Please call 7696312239 ,
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What we do


  • Why we call ourselves as weight loss expertbecause we provide weight loss without compromising with the health of the people. We have people with the medical disorders/diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney disorders, Liver disorders, Parkinson’s disease, High Cholesterol, Gout etc. and they all are getting customized diets according to their medical problems. We plan the diets by keeping all the important factors in mind which are mandatory for the clients for weight loss and for their disorders as well. We never provide diets like only proteins/high proteins diets, Low fat Diets, Low carbohydrate diets, High Proteins-low fat diets etc. We plan a balanced diet with Proteins, Fat, Carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals. We do not believe in starvingfor the weight loss because when you starve you lose weight but the moment you start eating you gain whatever you have lost. So lose weight with out leaving your favorite foods or compromising on your favorite foods. Most of our clients joined us just because they want to eat and we provide whatever they want to eat.


·         How We Do

  • We here in the clinic not only give solution to your problems but also educate you for the future. We do not believe in short cut diets for any problem. We here provide completely normal kitchen friendly diets which are easy to understand, easy to cook and easy to follow.
  • Dietician Preeti personally does not believe on fancy diets which are not sustainable in long term, so she suggests very easy diets .We never plan a diet which is based on mono foods or blood group starvation diets, or crash diets.
  • In any case we give 1st priority to Health and then Disease management.
  • Preeti believes if a person is healthy he /she can manage his/her weight much more easily as compared to a person who is unhealthy.
  • We plan diets according to the person’s requirement, age, gender and medical illness.
  • As we do believe on normal diets so following our diets is quite easy for home makers as they are the one who take care of all the family members.We educate home makers in all aspects of foods. We clear doubts and the myths regarding foods.About 70% people follow wrong practices or myths about food like time, combinations and amount etc.We have 80% new clients every month who are the reference of our existing clients.  

Highlights of Diet Plans:-

  • Simple, Safe and Easy to follow
  • Personal attention by Dr. PREETI  herself 
  • Adapted from existing eating habits
  • No fancy or rare to find food included
  • No starvation
  • No mono diet
  • No high protein diet
  • No heavy exercise
  • No chemicals or medicines prescribed
  • Customised diet plan based on requirement of individuals
  • Diet plan designed after in-depth assessment of person concerned by dietitian in about 20 minute session
  • All natural foods are used and no artificial items prescribed
  • Proven effectiveness
  • No side effects.

Diet and Nutrition blog

Take care of body and body takes care of you!

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Balanced diet and Nutrition


Balance intake of Carbohydrates

You should balance your intake of carbohydrates to a bare minimum levels if your lifestyle does not include exercises.


Increase intake of water

Ideally you should have at least 2-2.5 liters of water daily

as water is the most efficient form of waste removal from body

plus it has an added advantage of keeping your collagen levels high

making your skin look much younger.



Exercises and water with a balanced diet are the three main ingredients of

a younger, healthy life, so that you can actually enjoy life to the fullest.


Taste in Food

A balanced and nutritious diet does not need to be bland, it can be very tasty if you know how to balance it all, ask any chef.

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