5 Magic diet foods for Diabetics

Diabetes is not very difficult to stay in control. The essential thing is to control your diet. By using all diet food diabetes can be controlled in a  positive way and avoid undesirable effect of medical treatment which harms your  body .Following is a  list of  diabetes controlling diet foods. These foods contain low-carbs that helps to maintain insulin levels. Insulin’s basic function in the body is to absorb nutrients, conduct glucose level from the blood into cells for use and storage, which results in weight gain.


Healing diet foods for diabetics

Food may not the only way which provide body the positive results in controlling diabetes in systematic manner, but we know something good and better. Many doctors agree that there are certain foods and additive diet that help in bringing blood sugar levels down and reduce the indication of diabetes. Magic diet foods provide in controlling of diabetes with some basic home remedies.

healing diet foods for diabetics


 Shea Butter

There are many creams and gels which generates natural fat in stores and this is much beneficial for the diabetics. The patients of diabetes have problem of dryness in their skin after appling many good or strong medications. Here are some solutions such as shea butter which is helpful in to gain moisture and richness.

shea butter for diabetics


Raw Vegetables

Raw foods create the base of one of the most popular diets in the world. This will serve your diabetes too. Doctors have always advised diabetics to have low-carb vegetables in the raw structure. Some of these include carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli and spinach. As these vegetables are difficult to process when uncooked, the digestive system uses more insulin in the blood to digest this food, which helps lowering blood sugar levels.

raw vegetables for diabetics


This is technically a fruit not a grain which helps to control blood sugar levels. Although entire nutritionists have acclaim the morality of buckwheat for years, mainstream medical science — and the mainstream media — caught on to its benefits recently. A 2003 Canadian study found that when extracts of buckwheat seed was boosted for diabetic, the animals’ glucose levels went down by twelve to nineteen percent. You can find buckwheat products, including pancake mixes and the soba noodles in japan available at health food stores.

buckwheat for diabetics


Beans helps to regulate blood glucose and insulin levels. They can help in preventing diabetes, or minimize its effects for those who detect with the disease. They also help for lower cholesterol levels and offer anti-oxidant properties. Red beans offer the highest anti-oxidant levels, as compared to black beans.

beans for diabetics


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