Apple Yogurt Recipe(with step by step photos)

Apple Yogurt Recipe

Apple Yogurt Recipe is yummy and creamy dish prepared by mixing apple pieces with yogurt (curd) and some species.

Lightly spiced apple and yogurt dip is a perfect complement for vegetable biryani and main course food items and fruity alternative to routine boondi yogurt. That’s not all, it can be served as desert too


Preparation time:10 minutes

Serves: 6 serving

apple yogurt recipe


1 cup chopped apple

1 ½ cups thick curd

¼ teaspoon black pepper power

1 teaspoon sugar(optional)




apple yogurt recipe

Take yogurt(curd) in a bowl. Add sugar and powder, mix until smooth.

apple yogurt recipe

Add chopped fresh apple and salt. If you do not like skin of apple then you can peel it before chopping.

apple yogurt recipe

Mix well. Apple Raita is ready.

apple yogurt recipe

Transfer it to serving bowl, sprinkle black pepper power over it and serve chilled.


Tips and variations

  • Do not blend curd using electric blender otherwise consistency will be thin.
  • Use thick and chilled yogurt.
  • For variations, you can add banana to make apple banana raita.
  • Using unpeeled apple is not compulsory, if you are health conscious, then do not peel it because apple skin is rich in nutrition.
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